Presenter / Moderator - How to upload a presentation to BigBlueButton

You can upload your slides or documents to edit them live in a meeting with attendees or students, and allow the attendees or students to download the files to their desktop for later.

To upload documents and enable them for download, you'll need to have the presenter role.

When you enter a new meeting session, if you have the role of moderator, you will be assigned presenter capabilities. If you're not a presenter, but are just watching the meeting, you will need to request that you be promoted to a presenter. If the moderator doesn't know that they have promote you to presenter you can ask them to do so via private or public chat.

When a user is assigned the presenter role, an icon appears over their avatar in the list of users.

BigBlueButton has a size restrictions on the size of uploads as well as a limited number of formats which are supported. BigBlueButton will accept many major document formats such as .doc .docx .pptx and .pdf; the PDF format is the best for uploading documents.

The maximum size is 30 MB or 150 pages per document; you can upload multiple documents into the BigBlueButton as long as they are under the size restrictions. If your document is too large, use an online PDF tool to split the document into smaller number of pages which will reduce the size.

To Upload

Select the Actions menu in the lower left hand corner of the presentation window, then choose Upload a Presentation.

The BigBlueButton presentation uploader will appear. The uploader allows you to drag and drop files into the uploader or browse for files on your OS.

When uploading multiple files, click the document you want to appear by default and check the green circle to the right of it.

Once you've selected the file(s) to upload, press "Start" button to convert and upload them.

Please note that it may take a few seconds to minutes for a document to be converted and uploaded to the meeting.

Enabling for Download

A presenter can enable any uploaded document for download by the audience of the live conference.

To enable, select the Enable Download icon located to the right of the document.

The icon will change to green to indicate the document selected can be downloaded by viewers.

How do I download documents?

What Viewers See

At the bottom left of your screen viewers will see a download icon that can allow them to download the enabled documents.